Monday, September 10, 2012

Myth: Flavored waters are a good alternative to tap water if you don’t like to drink water.

glass of sparkling water with lemon slice
sparkling water with lemon slice
Answer: It depends…

Some flavored waters are just that — plain water with only flavoring and no added sugars. Others have sugar or use other sweeteners, which can add calories. So you could end up drinking a lot of calories if you choose the wrong type of flavored water. In addition, flavored waters typically cost more. Buying bottled water (flavored or not) on a regular basis is also wasteful due to the extra packaging with cans or bottles, so always choose those with the least amount of packaging and recycle if possible.

To make your own flavored water:

Visit to find more information on water and health.

Contributor: Karen Sherbondy, MEd, RD, LD, Extension Associate, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, University of Missouri Extension, 816-655-6227

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