Monday, December 23, 2013

Myth: There’s no way my family will enjoy healthier holiday dishes.

Answer: BUSTED!

healthier version of traditional stuffing
The folks at the United States Department of Agriculture who brought you MyPlate are sharing holiday recipe makeovers that are fun, healthy and family-tested.

Melissa’s Slow-Cooker Stuffing uses 100% whole wheat bread and light butter along with cranberries and green apples for appealing color. The saturated fat and sodium is less than half when compared to her grandma’s original recipe. Melissa’s family rating? A hit!

How about cranberry chutney instead of cranberry sauce? Julie’s recipe for cranberry chutney is healthier than traditional cranberry sauce with more fruits and vegetables and half the sugar. The chutney has a sweet-tangy flavor. The garam masala and red pepper flakes give it an extra kick. You can use allspice or curry powder if you don’t have garam masala.

These recipes show that small ingredient changes make recipes healthier yet still a family favorite, even during the holidays!

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933

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