Friday, April 26, 2013

Myth: Baby carrots in my refrigerator have turned white on the outside and I’ve read this is unsafe to eat.

Answer: BUSTED!

This coating is called ‘white blush’ and it just indicates that the carrots are drying out. It occurs when carrots are cut. The ‘baby-cut carrots’ are really larger carrots cut into smaller pieces. As part of their processing they are then put in water that has chlorine to prevent contamination. The carrots are rinsed before packaging.

Carrots with this white coating are safe to eat. If you are eating them raw, you can put them in water for a few minutes. If you are using them in cooking, just add them along with other ingredients. To avoid drying out, keep carrots sealed in the bag they came in. Use by the date on the package.

baby carrots
For more information about the myths that have circulated about the safety of baby-cut carrots, check out Dispelling food-related myths: baby carrots.

Why eat carrots? They are high in carotene and are good sources of potassium, fiber and vitamin C. The fiber makes them a filling snack. Baby carrots are a low-sodium, low-calorie nibble with only about 4 calories in each baby carrot. Try adding them to a stir-fry dish. You can also dice them and add them, along with other veggies, to whole wheat couscous for a quick and filling dish. Find more carrot recipes by searching the Healthy Habits recipes index on

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933

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