Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Myth: There’s no time to be active during the holidays.

Answer: BUSTED!

And so it begins, the holidays and too many opportunities to eat…and sit, sit, sit. Think it’s hopeless to try to be active during the holidays? Not so. Here are some tips to help you be more active:
  1. Start a new holiday tradition that focuses on fun and being active, rather than food. Walk before the holiday meal or after or both! For some people, activity reduces their hunger. Instead of driving around the neighborhood to view holiday decorations – walk around the neighborhood! Is shopping part of your holiday tradition? Include a mall walk as part of your activity for the day.

  2. Engineer your environment. What does this mean? Change your home environment so that physical activity cues abound. Have sneakers and toys that promote physical activity such as balls and jump ropes in a place where you see them every day as a reminder to be active regularly. I keep my sneakers in plain sight – a reminder for me to think about how I can be active each and every day.

  3. Think of new ways to add activity during the holidays. Watching a lot of TV? Get up and move or dance during the commercials. Bad weather keeping you indoors? Get some light scarves or balloons – throw them up in the air or play indoor volleyball with them. Walk the dog. Try a new workout video. Find more holiday physical activity information and healthy eating tips at
family enjoying a brisk walk/run on trail together

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933

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