Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Myth: I can't go on a diet – they're too difficult & they never work

Answer: BUSTED!

Start by changing the way you think of it – focus on achieving overall good health, not just short-term weight loss. Diets do not have to be difficult. Setting realistic goals is the first step.

March 8, 2012 is “What’s on MyPlate Day?” The USDA wants to bring attention to MyPlate and recognize healthy eating behaviors. One message is to “Enjoy your food, but eat less.” This is excellent advice for those starting a “diet plan” to improve their overall health. To start eating less, try using a smaller plate. So many of us were brought up to finish everything on our plates, but this is not necessarily a good thing. Using a smaller plate allows you to finish everything without overeating. Be sure to eat slowly too. Eating slowly not only allows you to enjoy your food, but it also allows you to notice when you are full.

screenshot of SuperTracker websiteYou can use the SuperTracker to help you look at what you eat and get tips for making healthier choices. SuperTracker was released on the ChooseMyPlate website in December of 2011. It helps you plan, analyze and track your diet and physical activity, and gives recommendations for improvement, including what and how much you should eat. Some of the topics are: Daily Food Plans; How Many Calories are Used (in physical activity); Calories Count Chart for Mixed Dishes; Empty Calories Chart; Solid Fats Chart; BMI Calculator; Portion Distortion; and Food Labeling. Using this tool will help you personalize the recommendations, set goals and measure your progress.

Getting to know what you eat and learning easy ways to eat healthier is a great way to start your journey to better overall health.

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Contributor: Denise Schmitz, M.A., R.D., Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 816-482-5850

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  1. There are now plates for eating slowly that keep food from getting cold, Google "Plates for eating slowly"


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