Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Myth: I have to change everything I eat all at once to make my diet healthy.

Answer: BUSTED

One step at a time is the key to success and one way to move toward a healthier lifestyle is by setting goals. Setting goals can have a powerful impact in all aspects of your life especially when it comes to improving nutrition and health. Many New Year’s resolutions involve exercising, lowering cholesterol, losing weight, eating healthier, etc. These resolutions can be achieved with smart goal setting. If improving your health is a top priority, then setting a goal is a great way to create accountability for yourself and your family!!!

Pick a simple goal to start!! For example…
  • Take the stairs each morning
  • Eat fruit for lunch
  • Switch to 1% or skim milk at breakfast
  • Park farther away in the parking lot
  • Eat from a smaller plate at dinner

ladder extending into the sky
  • Get support from a friend or family member
  • Set a series of small goals and complete one at a time
  • Set a date to complete the goal
  • Set a goal that is realistic
  • Create a simple plan to achieve the goal
  • Work with a partner
  • Visualize reaching your goal
  • Reward yourself after success (spa day, out to the movies…)

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Contributors: Jill Miranda, MDHSS Dietetic Student & Denise Schmitz, M.A., R.D. Nutrition & Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, 816-482-5854,

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