Friday, February 5, 2010

Myth: I am thin and I exercise. So, heart disease is no threat to me. Right?

Answer: Wrong!

It doesn't matter what shape you are in, you can still be at risk for heart disease. Sometimes, being thin can carry a false sense of security. No one can look at you say if you are healthy or not. Even your own doctor may not know how much physical activity you get every day or the amount of colorful fruits and vegetables you are eating.

Even if you don't fit the typical profile, speak to your doctor about heart disease. Ask to have your blood profile taken. This will tell you your HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, and other numbers. The test will tell you what range you fall into such as normal, below, or above normal. In many cases you may feel healthy but have high cholesterol. This is one of the many reasons to have your blood profile done. These numbers will help you determine where you can start making changes to become healthier. Have a blood profile done at least yearly.

For more information on cholesterol, visit The American Heart Association.

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