Thursday, November 12, 2009

MYTH - French women don't get fat

Answer: BUSTED!

A study published in 2008 finally puts this myth to rest. Weight, height, and waist circumference measurements were recorded for all adults in 20,000 French households. From 1997 to 2006, obesity increased from 8.6% to 13.1%. Furthermore, a follow-up study released this week showed that 15.1% of French women and 13.9% of French men are clinically obese. While these rates are still significantly lower than those of the United States (33.2% of women and 31.1% of men are obese), the trend is the same: waistlines are expanding.

How do we stop this trend that’s sweeping the globe? Simple - either decrease the number of calories you eat in a day or increase the amount of exercise, or do both. Easier said than done, right? Think baby steps. Try wearing a pedometer and simply increase the number of steps taken daily. Then, cut down the portion sizes of your favorite foods and make lower-calorie choices that you can stick with.

Check out The Latest On What Works for Weight Loss for more helpful tips. Also find your local MU Extension Office and see what nutrition and health programs are being offered in your area.

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